13 thoughts on “SofiaSweety – Webcam Show – New Boobs

  1. que pena esta da~ando su bello cuerpo,yo no estoy de acuerdo con las cirugias en el cuerpo de una mujer,ella no tenia esa necesidad,ya que sus senos anteriores eran muy bellos,tambien parece como si se hiso algo en el rostro..una pena tan hermosa que ella era.las amigas siempre aconsejan lo peor.

  2. Wow, those look fucking ugly. Way to go ruining perky natural tits with some hard looking ugly implants. Next she will probably gets ass implants. Will skip her new vids from now on.

  3. Lost her mind, first with does ugly tatoos now fake boobs? She not ok in hear head. Sofia was longtime my nr 1 now just a crackhead.

  4. Que mal lo que se hizo era perfecta y se empeoro, perdio toda su belleza con lo que se hizo

  5. She destroyed herself bodywise, she was hot evennn bforreeeeee she used to workout I never like those strong girls like dat, she was good the way she was way back.. Low-key she gave me a huge boner for sucking dat dildo so wet her mouth, that’s all I could give her… She might as well do porn now looking all fake..she’s going to regret it in least than a year I promise if she doesn’t notice all this backlash I don’t no what’s wrong wit her.. still love her like she was my 1st of all ttl models, but she went down my top five

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